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Visionflex and MediRecords Announce New Partnership


Visionflex has announced a new partnership with MediRecords, Australia’s leading provider of cloud-based electronic medical record and practice management systems.

The partnership will see the companies work towards integrating Visionflex’s powerful video conferencing platform, Vision, with MediRecords’ cloud-based electronic health record and practice management software platforms. This will enable health professionals to perform clinical telehealth examinations and automatically save patient data to their patient records.

Such an integration would allow physicians to examine remote patients via video telehealth using a blood pressure and blood sugar monitor, stethoscope, pulse oximeter, ECG, thermometer, and weight scales. All clinical health data collected during the exam would be saved to the patient file within MediRecords.

Vision technology will also enable multiple video participants to appear on-screen simultaneously during a patient examination and provide them with remote camera and monitor control functions. 

Ultimately, the partnership aims to create a powerful video-conference telehealth system designed for collaborative, multidisciplinary and evidence-based decision making.

“Like MediRecords, Visionflex is an Australian innovator, and we are thrilled to be partnering to deliver next-generation clinical telehealth tools to thousands of medical and allied health clinics across the country,” said Visionflex CEO and Co-founder, Mr Mike Harman.

“Clinical telehealth conducted via high-speed, end-to-end encrypted video conferencing is where the future of remote healthcare in Australia lies. Working together with MediRecords, our unique telehealth tools and functions will revolutionise the way in which clinicians examine, diagnose, monitor, and treat their remote patients.”

For MediRecords’ customers, today’s partnership announcement signals an intention to deliver enhanced flexibility for a telehealth solution, a seamless workflow and comprehensive patient record integration, by allowing them to run Vision on their existing IT infrastructure investments. Vision also operates on any internet-connected device, transforming PCs, Macs and tablets into portable and powerful diagnostic tools.

“Partnership is at the heart of our strategy here at MediRecords, as we continue to leverage our open API product, ConnectAPI, to break down siloes in Australian healthcare technology and provide best in class solutions to healthcare organisations” said Michelle O’Brien, Head of Strategy at MediRecords. 

“By signalling our intention to work with Visionflex to integrate their services and products, we will be able to provide a unique and comprehensive telehealth and virtual care solution, that can connect patients and clinicians regardless of their locations”.

Source: Visionflex.

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