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Varian Joins Cancer Drug Development Forum


Varian becomes first medical technology company to join the Cancer Drug Development Forum.

Varian announced it has joined the Cancer Drug Development Forum (CDDF) as an industry partner. This makes Varian the first medical technology company to join CDDF, the leading non-competitive drug development platform in Europe. CDDF’s objective is to stimulate advancement in cancer drug development and access.

CDDF’s integrative approach brings together leading voices from academia, the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory authorities, health technology assessors, policymakers, and patient groups to improve cancer treatment. Varian is joining the CDDF Industry Partners Platform to support and expand its mission by combining the advancement of drugs with the power of radiotherapy or physical therapies, as well as improving access to combination therapies.

“Fostering multidisciplinary cancer care has long been a key priority for Varian,” said Ricky Sharma, MD, PhD, vice president of clinical affairs at Varian. “Our CDDF membership will accelerate progress towards our joint goal to discover the most effective combinations of new cancer drugs with advanced radiotherapy and physical therapies. It takes all of us working as one to make big leaps in conquering cancer with multimodality treatment.”

The CDDF Industry Partners Platform is composed of large and small partners from the pharmaceutical industry who work together in a neutral space to discuss innovative drug development in oncology. The inclusion of Varian broadens the non-profit organization’s scope to encompass collaboration with a medical technology company.

“CDDF has an integrative approach and we are excited to welcome Varian to our community of industry partners,” said Professor Jaap Verweij, CDDF Managing Director. “We will continue to promote multi-stakeholder collaboration, now with Varian’s unique contribution, to advance oncology therapeutics.”

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