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Vander-Bend Manufacturing and Subsidiaries Announce Strategic Transformation


Vander-Bend Manufacturing, Inc. (“Vander-Bend”) and subsidiaries including TMK Manufacturing (“TMK”), JL Haley (“JLH”), Swiss Precision Machining (“SPM”), and Omni Components (“Omni”), all portfolio companies of Aterian Investment Partners (“Aterian”), are pleased to announce a strategic transformation to become one company, Vantedge Medical.

For more than 40 years, Vander-Bend has been partnering with customers in complex precision manufacturing and assembly with differentiated engineering, prototyping support, and quality systems. The Company primarily serves medical technology markets including Robotic Assisted Surgery and Radiation Oncology, among other high-growth end markets. Over the last four years, the organization has made four successful acquisitions of TMK, JLH, SPM, and Omni due to their proximity to MedTech innovation hubs, breadth of manufacturing expertise, and experience supporting top medical device customer’s needs. These acquisitions were highly strategic to make this evolution to one company possible. To offer a more streamlined and impactful customer experience, all five manufacturing companies will now unify under a single, cohesive brand – Vantedge Medical.

As Vantedge Medical, valued Medical OEM customers will be able to leverage the combined expertise of all five companies and more than 550,000 square feet of manufacturing space as the premier metals-based med-tech solutions partner from concept to full-scale manufacturing. Featuring the most comprehensive breadth of metals-based development and manufacturing capabilities, Vantedge will partner with customers from rapid prototyping through to full-scale manufacturing for complex precision micro to large format machining, sophisticated sheet metal fabrication, assembly, and engineering support for a diverse set of growing MedTech end markets including Robotic Assisted Surgery, Orthopedics, Radiation Oncology, Surgical Instrumentation, Dental, and more. Vantedge provides capital equipment and consumables to top-tier medical OEMs from its nationwide presence.

“This transition marks an exciting new phase in our collective evolution. By formally combining our strengths and capabilities, we have a unique opportunity to deepen our relationships with our customers. As a full-service solutions partner emphasizing metals-based medical components and assemblies, we will simplify supply chains and accelerate time to market for our Medical OEM partner’s vital medical products,” said Rich Rivard, Chief Commercial Officer.

“The future is bright for Vantedge Medical. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. This evolution of our organization will allow us to intentionally foster the development of our employees, invest in our capabilities, and advance our R&D to ensure we are exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers now and into the future,” stated Brian King, Vantedge Medical’s Chairman.

Brandon Bethea, Co-Founder and Partner at Aterian commented, “This evolution of the companies marks a strategic and important milestone. We would like to congratulate the teams at all of the sites across Vantedge for their hard work and contributions that have made this transformation possible. We couldn’t be more enthusiastic about working alongside the team as one company, Vantedge Medical.”

Source: Vantedge Medical

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