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Celera Motion Unveils Ultra-Lightweight Inductive Encoder


Celera Motion, an award-winning business unit of Novanta Inc., has announced a new version of its popular ultra-lightweight IncOder CORE inductive encoder series. 

The new 70mm O.D. IncOder CORE is a frameless, non-contact, position feedback sensor featuring all the robust and reliable position sensing technology of an IncOder contained in an unpackaged, stacked printed circuit board (PCB) kit that reduces OEM system mass. It is the latest addition to Celera Motion’s groundbreaking IncOder CORE series. 

“IncOder has been going above and beyond the requirements of harsh-environment motion control applications for well over a decade. Now, with IncOder CORE, we are bringing this highly robust and repeatable angle sensing technology into industrial and medical robotics, all in a lightweight, compact, price-sensitive solution,” said Swapnil Mane, Vice President of Product Management & Marketing for Celera Motion. “Expanding the range with the 70mm O.D. size enables a larger bore, offers improved measurement performance and delivers an absolute angle encoder solution that pairs seamlessly with our Omni+ frameless motor kits.” 

IncOder CORE is well suited for integration into actuators and rotary joints. The position sensor offers superior robust benefits to magnetic encoder solutions, with improved measurement performance and greater immunity to external magnetic fields. IncOder CORE utilizes a unique field-proven inductive technique, delivering highly repeatable, reliable, temperature-stable performance. 

IncOder CORE is designed for segments including medical and surgical robotics, industrial and collaborative robotic systems, AGV, AMR, rotary actuators, and gimbals. The sensor can be configured to a range of sizes, absolute digital output, resolution, and connector orientations with options for customization available.  

Features of IncOder CORE include: 

  • Up to 20 bits output resolution 
  • Up to 125” (0.035°) accuracy, guaranteed within installation tols 
  • Absolute digital output (BiSS-C, SSI, SPI, Asynchronous Serial) 
  • Ultra-low mass, frameless rotor and stator 
  • Now available in Ø70mm O.D/ Ø30mm I.D and Ø44mm O.D./ Ø10mm I.D. size options 
  • Compact screw mount features. 
  • No calibration

Benefits of IncOder CORE include: 

  • Frameless, compact design for reduced weight and design envelope 
  • Repeatable, accurate and high-resolution absolute position feedback 
  • Large bore and low axial height for use in rotary actuators 
  • Insensitive to contamination, providing robust position measurement 
  • Easy-to-install: No precision installation tolerances, providing simple installation 
  • No calibration, reducing OEM production time and cost 
  • Economical price for reduced system cost 
  • Customization and additional sizes for optimized system design 
  • Prototype units stocked for fast delivery.

IncOder CORE has been optimized for integration into host system mechanics. Each sensor includes a passive rotor target paired with an active stator — both featuring a large thru bore and practical screw mounting features.  

IncOder CORE can be configured to output up to 20 bits of absolute digital rotary position data in a range of digital protocol options, including BiSS-C, SSI, SPI and Asynchronous Serial (ASI) outputs. It can be supplied with axial or radial connector options. Prototype units are stocked for fast delivery. 

Source: Celera Motion

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