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Trudell Medical Group Makes a Strategic Investment in Xenocor, Developer of the Xenoscope


Xenocor Inc. announced a strategic investment by Barvest Ventures Inc., a member company of the Trudell Medical Group, which is a innovator and global leader in respiratory care and medical device development. This investment will enable Xenocor to ramp up production and respond to growing demand for the Xenoscope™ — an FDA-approved, single-use, fog-free, portable, high-definition (HD) laparoscopic imaging system.

Trudell Medical Group Partners with Xenocor, developer of the first single-use laparoscopic imaging system, Xenoscope

In addition, George Baran, Chair of the Trudell Medical Group will join the Xenocor board bringing years of market wisdom and insight in the areas of product development, production and global market distribution. Northgate Technologies Inc., a member company of Trudell Medical Group that designs and manufactures urology and minimally invasive surgical equipment, will be working closely with Xenocor to bring additional synergies to the relationship.

“Innovation has been critical for delivering solutions that improve quality of life and create positive economic outcomes. This has been our mission since our inception in 1922,” said George Baran, Chairman of the Trudell Medical Group. “We feel our investment in Xenocor is a continuation of this tradition and see every reason for the Xenoscope to be successfully introduced into many markets around the world.”

Source: Xenocor.

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