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Northgate® Technologies, Inc. Acquires Allotrope Medical™ Inc.


Northgate Technologies, Inc. (NTI) has today announced that it has successfully completed the acquisition of Allotrope Medical™ Inc, a US-based medical device manufacturer that develops an electrosurgical ureter identification system.

StimSite is an intuitive hand-held device that assists General and OBGYN surgeons to quickly identify ureters in both robotic and non-robotic laparoscopic surgical procedures. In November 2022, StimSite received a Safer Technologies Program (SteP) designation from the FDA, a program designed to highlight and promote medical devices expected to significantly improve safety and patient outcomes.

“By bringing the StimSite product platform into NTI’s existing portfolio of innovative insufflation and smoke removal products, we have taken a significant step in fulfilling our vision to optimize the surgical environment for minimally invasive surgery.” Dave McDonough, Vice President and General Manager, NTI.

Surgical Robotics Technology

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