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Noah Medical Unveils Preliminary First In-Human Trial Results at AABIP 2023

Galaxy System

Noah Medical has announced that it presented new data demonstrating the navigational success and safety of its Galaxy System from the platform’s first in-human trial. The data was presented at the American Association of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology’s annual conference (AABIP 2023) in Chicago.

Nineteen nodules were targeted during the study and the data showed that Galaxy could achieve 100% successful navigation, 100% tool-in-lesion confirmation and a diagnostic yield between 89.5% and 94.7%. Patient follow-up is required to determine the final yield data. 

“The ability to accurately and safely navigate to and biopsy lung nodules with complete confidence is a gamechanger for pulmonologists in the fight against cancer,” said Tajalli Saghaie, M.D., co-principal investigator of the FRONTIER study. “The Galaxy System’s proprietary TiLT+ Technology exceeded our expectations in the trial, forming the basis for successful commercialization of this transformational technology.” 

Noah Medical plans to continue its momentum at CHEST 2023, the upcoming annual meeting of The American College of Chest Physicians, October 8-11 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Galaxy Systems’ TiLT Technology provides real-time lesion updates during the biopsy procedure, and is designed to overcome CT-to-body divergence. The system also provides a single-use, disposable bronchoscope for improved efficiency, workflow and a reduced risk of cross-contamination. The always-on-camera bronchoscope enables direct visualization as physicians navigate to the lesion. In addition to its unique on-board navigation capability, the Galaxy System features a small physical footprint, designed to fit in most bronchoscopy suites.

Source: Noah Medical

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