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Microbot Medical Secures US Patent for LIBERTY® Robotic System


Microbot Medical has today announced that the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) has issued a Notice of Allowance covering the Company’s LIBERTY® Robotic System. Globally, the Company now has 45 patents issued/allowed and 24 pending patent applications.

“This achievement is yet another meaningful milestone that adds a secure foundation to build our sustainable competitive advantage. This IP allows us to protect our assets globally and advance towards commercialization,” commented Harel Gadot, CEO, President and Chairman. “We believe our novel technology is uniquely positioned to transform catheter-based procedures and benefit more patients globally while keeping physicians safe from radiation and reducing their physical strain.”

The allowed patent pertains to a device for automatically inserting and manipulating a medical tool into and within a bodily lumen. The allowed claims cover a compact robotic drive for driving and manipulating movement of at least one elongate surgical tool, the robotic drive includes a housing comprising motors and a first tool-moving element driven by the motors, positioned and configured to advance or retract the elongate surgical tool, and a second tool-moving element driven by the motors, configured to roll the elongate surgical tool about the long axis.

Source: Microbot Medical.

Surgical Robotics Technology

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