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Microbot Medical Granted a Third Patent in Israel for the LIBERTY® Robotic System


Microbot Medical Inc. continues to strengthen its intellectual property (IP) portfolio, alongside advancing and securing its global commercialization strategy. It has been granted a third patent in Israel for the LIBERTY® Robotic System, covering the core capabilities of the system, such as a compact robotic device for driving movement of two or more surgical devices and having motors and actuation assemblies encased within the same volume.

“The expansion of our intellectual property portfolio remains a critically important strategic objective, and this latest allowance represents the 10th global patent for the LIBERTY Robotic System to secure a competitive advantage in key markets,” commented Harel Gadot, Chairman, President, and CEO. “We’ve made significant progress towards the regulatory approval, and commercialization of the system, and will continue to secure additional patents to ensure our hard work is protected.”

Source: Microbot Medical Inc

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