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Dr. Thierry Jacques De Baère Joins Microbot Medical’s Scientific Advisory Board


Microbot Medical has announced that Thierry Jacques De Baère, MD, PhD, is joining the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Dr. De Baère is head of the Interventional Radiology Unit at Institut Gustave Roussy Cancer Center in Villejuif, France, the largest cancer center in Europe. The Company’s SAB now includes 11 members from the U.S., Europe and Israel, who support the rising momentum for the Company’s LIBERTY® Robotic System.

“The LIBERTY® Robotic System has made significant progress in recent weeks, due in part to the incredible support we have received from our dedicated Scientific Advisory Board, which is made up of renowned global leaders in the medical robotics and endovascular spaces,” commented Harel Gadot, CEO, President, and Chairman. “Dr. De Baère is a leader in the endovascular space, who realized the potential of the LIBERTY Robotic System after his own personal experience. We are certain he, along with many others that are currently evaluating the system, will be valued contributors and play an important role through our regulatory process and expected commercialization in the global markets.”

“I recently had the chance to use the LIBERTY Robotic System in a pre-clinical setting, and as someone who does many interventional oncology procedures, I was impressed with how easy the system was to set up and how effortlessly I could get to my target,” commented Dr. De Baère. “From my experience, it is reassuring that the LIBERTY Robotic System appears to be reliable and predictable. I am happy to join the Microbot team, and look forward to helping them bring LIBERTY to market so we can potentially improve the lives of more patients.”

Dr. De Baère is the author of 280 peer-reviewed articles and over 350 scientific communications, reviewer for many cancer and interventional radiology journals, and section chief editor for the oncology section in CardioVascular and Interventional Radiology (CVIR) Journal. He is also a member of The Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) and the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO). Additionally, Dr. De Baère is principal investigator of several international studies on ablation, intraarterial therapies, combined therapies and other innovative locoregional treatments and recently used the LIBERTY system in a pre-clinical setting.

The LIBERTY Robotic System is the world’s first fully disposable robotic system for use in endovascular (neurovascular, cardiovascular and peripheral) procedures. The LIBERTY Robotic system features a unique compact design with the capability to be operated remotely, reduce radiation exposure and physical strain to the physician. With the planned integration of the recently acquired FDA-cleared NovaCross™ family of microcatheters and the One & Done™ technology, the Company expects to standardize the way endovascular procedures are conducted, while eliminating barriers to access and increasing the adoption rate of robotics in the endovascular space.

Source: Microbot Medical.

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