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Microbot Medical Achieves 100% Success Rate for LIBERTY in Extensive Pre-Clinical Animal Study


A team of six leading European interventional radiologists used the LIBERTY® Surgical Robotic System and performed a total of 48 catheterizations

Microbot Medical Inc. has announced a highly successful extended joint pre- clinical animal study held at a leading European-based research lab.

A team of six leading European interventional radiologists utilized the system and performed a total of 48 catheterizations to pre-determined vascular targets including distal branches of hepatic, gastric, splenic, mesenteric, renal, and hypogastric arteries, with a 100% success rate of reaching the intended target.

Based on real-time user feedback, the interventional radiologists found the system intuitive, easy to set up and use, and were impressed with the ability to control procedures remotely via the LIBERTY Robotic System’s remote controller.

“The results of the multi-day study continue to validate LIBERTY and is further evidence that the on-going adjustments we have made will ensure the safety and efficacy of the system as we plan to enter the human clinical phase during the second half of the year,” commented Dr. Eyal Morag, Chief Medical Officer.

“We believe this, along with other expected opportunities for peer-reviewed publications, will lay the foundation of showing the significant benefits LIBERTY is expected to bring when commercialized and helping to accelerate early adoption,” added Dr. Eyal Morag.

The Company plans on performing pre-clinical studies in the U.S. and other target markets, as well as first-in-human case in markets outside the U.S. in preparation for the continued progression toward commercialization of the LIBERTY Surgical Robotic System.

The 48 successful catheterizations are part of the Company’s recent announcement regarding surpassing 100th catheterization during multiple pre-clinical studies, with a 95% success rate of reaching pre-determined vascular targets.

Source: Microbot Medical

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