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Mercurius Health Announces Installation of Integrated Oncology Solutions from Elekta and Philips

integrated oncology solutions installation

Elekta and Royal Philips have announced the signing of a three-year agreement under which Elekta and Philips will install state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic oncology equipment and associated informatics solutions at Mercurius Health’s newly-acquired Robert Janker Klinik cancer center in Bonn, Germany. The investment in Elekta and Philips solutions by Mercurius Health is part of its commitment to establishing a major presence in Germany, following the company’s acquisition of Robert Janker Klinik earlier this year.  
The agreement has been enabled by the strategic partnership between Elekta and Philips to advance comprehensive personalized cancer care through the deployment of precision oncology solutions. The Robert Janker Klinik, a specialized hospital in oncology and palliative care, focuses on minimally invasive diagnostics and treatments for cancer. The hospital has three inpatient departments (radiology, radiation therapy and palliative care) and an outpatient unit for radiation therapy. It employs around 130 staff and treats patients from across the region as well as other national and international patients.
“This major investment in cutting-edge technology by Mercurius Health means many of the projects currently in planning can be rapidly moved forward, making us a showcase for what the future of cancer care will look like,” said Prof. Dr. Attila Kovács, Head Physician of the Clinic for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and Neuroradiology.
“The combination of Elekta’s radiation therapy solutions and Philips’ diagnostic imaging and oncology informatics solutions, means we will be able to offer our patients state-of-the-art therapy for tumors such as prostate and liver cancer that are currently difficult to treat, improving clinical outcomes,” said Prof. Dr. Michael Pinkawa, Radiation Oncologist and Head of Radiotherapy at Robert Janker Klinik.
Bringing data and actionable insights to the benefit of cancer patients
To make a precise and informed diagnosis and select the optimal therapy for each individual patient, oncologists often need to consider and scrutinize around 10,000 data points, many of which reside in disparate IT systems – electronic medical records, lab systems, pathology, radiology, and genomics. Together, Elekta and Philips bring all this data together and translate it into actionable insights and pathways with predictable outcomes for each patient.*
The combined solutions enable oncologists to deliver precise and personalized therapies that treat tumors effectively while sparing adjacent tissue and organs at risk. Installed in Robert Janker Klinik, they will provide Mercurius Health with a platform to showcase its consultancy and B2B oncology services in the German market and continue its pioneering work in increasing productivity, improving patient and staff experience, and enhancing clinical care.
*Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

Source: Elekta

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