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meerecompany Supplies Revo-i Surgical Robot to Uzbekistan


meerecompany announced the company concluded a supply contract for Revo-i with a private hospital located in Samarkand of Uzbekistan.

This is the second export of Revo-i to Uzbekistan. Previously, Revo-i was introduced to Shox International Hospital, the largest private hospital in Uzbekistan. After the installation of the surgical robot in Uzbekistan it successfully achieved 100 cumulative surgical cases in July.

The second hospital that decided to install Revo-i is a private hospital located in Samarkand of Uzbekistan.

Revo-i is a surgical robot that is the first to be domestically developed in its country and successfully commercialized by meerecompany. It supports high-resolution 3D images, a wide field of view, and detailed movements through multi-joint instruments. Therefore, the surgeon can operate very comfortably and patients can return to their normal daily life faster. This is why it is applied in multiple areas, including OBGYN, surgery, urology, and ENT.

“The fact that we concluded the second supply contract means Revo-i is globally recognized for its performance and safety. It is highly likely that there will be more orders,” said Ho Keun Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Surgical Robot Division of meerecompany. “We will actively pioneer a market in the Central Asia region with various marketing activities, for example, by hosting a local academic event, and other activities,” he added.

Meanwhile, meerecompany is also making great achievements domestically. It is drawing attention as it concluded a supply contract with multiple hospitals in Korea, including Severance Hospital, which is known as the best national medical institution and tertiary general hospital recognized for its world-class robotic surgery records.

Source: meerecompany

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