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meerecompany Presents Thesis on Revo-i at EUS Meeting


meerecompany (CEO Joon Koo Kim) recently presented a thesis about the use of the surgical robot Revo-i at the 36th annual meeting of Engineering and Urology Society (EUS). The meeting was held from April 28th to May 1st as part of the American Urological Association (AUA) regular conference.

AUA founded in 1902, along with EAU, is one of the societies considered an authority in urology and has more than 23,000 members. EUS, a sub-specialty society belonging to AUA, aims to develop and promote new technologies related to urology under partnership with engineers, physicists, and urologists.

Hyung Joo Kim M.D., Ph.D., Head of Surgical Robot R&D Center of meerecompany, published a thesis titled: “De-Novo Method of Surgical Data Analysis using Revo-i® Sub-Block Analyzer in Classifying the Procedure Characteristic without Imaging Data” in the 36th EUS annual meeting.

Generally, surgical images are used for surgery data analysis and massive image data analysis requires high-performance computing power as well as a great deal of time and a high cost for labeling image information which is essential for AI learning.

On the contrary, the analysis technique developed by Kim, uses the Sub-Block Analyzer® software to extract major data from surgery data that is grouped in units of 3D space and also uses a machine learning algorithm for analysis, allowing efficient identification of surgery data with no need for pre-processing such as labelling of image information. meerecompany plans to support medical professionals using a surgical robot, with the Sub-Block Analyzer® software, in the future to help gain more intuitive and easier AI analysis of surgery data.

“Previously, surgery data was not structured and hard to quantify, so its collection and analysis were difficult. However, the development of a surgical robot allowed the collection and analysis of data in various forms. Although this thesis is about the early phase of development, it is meaningful in that it is an initial study that demonstrates the efficacy of the Revo-i Sub-Block Analyzer in helping with efficient storage and analysis of surgery data in the form of non-image data. We are planning to further improve and refine the software to make it helpful for efficient and various surgical robot AIs,” – Hyung Joo Kim, Head of Surgical Robot R&D Center of meerecompany.

Revo-i is the first domestically developed surgery robot, and it has achieved success in commercialization. This robot provides the benefits of a high-resolution 3D stereoscopic image, wide view, and multi-joint devices to support doctors for fine and delicate motions, resulting in greater comfort during a performance as well as reduced operation time.

Source: meerecompany

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