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Distalmotion Announces 1000 Procedure Milestone for Dexter®

Distalmotion announces the achievement of a significant milestone: surpassing 1000 successful procedures with its surgical robot, Dexter. Since its first commercial installation in 2022, Dexter has become a cornerstone in surgical innovation, treating patients everyday across multiple countries and institutions.

This milestone underscores the maturity and clinical experience Distalmotion has achieved in Europe, where Dexter is utilized in a wide range of procedures across general surgery, urology, and gynecology, demonstrating its versatility, safety, and efficacy in treating patients. For key procedures within the approved specialties – hernias, gallbladders, hysterectomies, nephrectomies, prostatectomies – Dexter has performed hundreds of procedures successfully enabling established workflows and setups. 

Dexter’s success is further highlighted by the testimonials of leading surgeons who have embraced the technology and witnessed its impact firsthand. Dr. med. Stefan Breitenstein, KSW, shared, “As a practitioner, Dexter has enhanced my approach to surgery. Its simple to use interface, dexterity, and precision, enable me to perform robotic surgery with confidence, ultimately leading to excellent patient outcomes.”

The milestone also reflects the commitment of hospitals like Saintes which have integrated Dexter into their robotic surgery programs with remarkable success. Since its adoption of Dexter in 2022, Saintes has since expanded its robotic program, seamlessly integrating Dexter across multiple surgical specialties. “We are thrilled with the expansion of our robotic surgery program,” stated Dr. Emeriau, Head of Surgery at Saintes Hospital. “Dexter has enabled us to offer advanced surgical options to our patients across different specialties. Our ability to perform procedures in general surgery, urology, and gynecology demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of Dexter in diverse clinical settings.”

“Our journey with Dexter has been nothing short of transformative,” remarked Greg Roche, CEO of Distalmotion. “We are empowering robotic surgery with Dexter, removing barriers, and making best-in-class minimally invasive surgery more accessible to healthcare providers and patients alike. Surpassing 1000 procedures is a testament to the maturity and reliability of our platform, and we are immensely proud of this achievement.” 

Distalmotion looks forward to continued expansion and growth, driving innovation in surgical robotics and enhancing outcomes for patients worldwide.

Source: Distalmotion

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