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Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Treats First Patient Using the Accuray Radixact® System and ClearRT™ Helical Fan-Beam kVCT Imaging


Accuray has announced that the medical care team at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH) in Hong Kong treated the first cancer patient in Asia using the Radixact® System, the next-generation TomoTherapy® platform, with ClearRT™ helical fan-beam kVCT imaging. With the installation of ClearRT the team has raised the bar for other hospitals using radiation therapy as an option in cancer care. The integrated helical imaging and radiation delivery system will enable the HKSH team to generate clear, high-fidelity images that improve their ability to see the tumor and adjacent healthy tissue, and will make it easier to provide more targeted treatments to more patients each day.

The HKSH medical care team was the first in Asia to treat patients with the Accuray proprietary Synchrony® technology on both the CyberKnife® M6™ and Radixact Systems and is now the first to use ClearRT with Radixact, which supports their commitment to providing excellence in cancer care using the most advanced technology available. The ability to significantly improve clarity in imaging was especially important to the team when treating their first patient, a 35 year-old man diagnosed with tongue cancer. The treatment region included the oral cavity and neck lymph nodes, so minimizing dose to nearby critical organs was crucial. ClearRT improved soft-tissue visualization, enabling the HKSH team to deliver a highly accurate and precise treatment.

“The HKSH team is excited to expand on the Radixact System’s capabilities with the addition of the ClearRT imaging technology. The ClearRT imaging modality provides enhanced image quality and better soft-tissue visualization. With this new feature, the scanning time was reduced by 77% for this case. The registration time required was also significantly shortened. The patient throughput can be increased with abbreviated treatment time, so more patients can benefit from this precise and advanced technology,” said Dr. Daniel Chua, Associate Director of Department of Radiotherapy.

ClearRT is a novel, helical CT imaging solution that, when integrated with Synchrony Real-time Motion Synchronization and Adaptive Treatment Delivery Technology, on the Radixact System provides a powerful tool that enable medical care teams to deliver extremely accurate and precise ultra-hypofractionated treatments, especially to tumors that move during treatment. ClearRT helical kVCT images can be used within the Accuray PreciseART® automated dose trending tool for clinicians to evaluate if plan adaptation would be beneficial, enabling the most personalized patient care.

“Accuray is honored to have the opportunity to further our long-standing partnership with the HKSH team. They are forward thinking and put a priority on investing in innovative technology that will help them to provide more effective outcomes for their cancer patients,” said Suzanne Winter, President of Accuray. “ClearRT on the Radixact System represents an evolution of the TomoTherapy platform that we believe will lead to meaningful improvements in the treatment of cancer for clinicians and their patients and increase the range of patients and tumors that can be treated.”

Source: Accuray Incorporated.

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