Surgical Robotics Technology

Harmonic Drive® Gears & Actuators in Medical Technology


Not only top athletes, but all patients want to be able to return to work quickly after an operation. That is why technologies are increasingly being used that allow targeted therapy and rehabilitation of the affected body parts. The focus here is on the selection of adequate components, through which reliable and precise drive technology can be used in various areas of medical technology.

From diagnostics to therapy to rehabilitation: Harmonic Drive® gears and actuators can be found in various areas of medicine. Systems that offer the utmost precision and reliability are required. Our drive solutions make a significant contribution to this. Find out which gears and actuators are predestined for applications such as C-arms, surgical robots and assistance systems, microscope stands and exoskeletons in our new medical technology brochure.

Learn more: Medical technology brochure.

Surgical Robotics Technology

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