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Globus Medical Launches Revolutionary CREO ONE™ Robotic Screw


Leading musculoskeletal solutions company, Globus Medical, has announced the recent launch of CREO ONE™, the market’s first robotic screw designed for spine surgery with ExcelsiusGPS®.

CREO ONE™ enhances the company’s groundbreaking modular pedicle screw platform by simplifying pedicle preparation while maintaining navigational accuracy and increasing pullout strength by 86% compared to traditional pedicle screws tapped to size. The screw is the first of its kind to offer this level of advanced robotic integration, streamlined workflow, and pullout strength. 

The CREO ONE™ screw’s unique tip may save time and improve efficiency in the OR by reducing procedural steps. “The screw completely eliminates the need to tap and simply requires a starting, pilot hole to break the cortex prior to placing the vertebral pedicle screw, further streamlining the operative workflow while increasing screw pullout strength,” said Dr. Frank La Marca, neurosurgeon in Jackson, Michigan. “The awl-style tip helps the screw follow a pre-planned trajectory and gives me the confidence of maintained navigational accuracy without performing traditional pedicle preparation. This makes the entire procedure easier and more reliable.”

CREO ONE™ is part of the CREO AMP® family. CREO ONE™ screws are compatible with CREO MIS® and CREO AMP® screw heads, and use existing CREO® navigation instruments. 

Surgical Robotics Technology

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