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Flywheel Closes $27.5 Million Series C Funding Round, Including Investment from Intuitive Ventures


Leading cloud-based data management platform for biomedical research and collaboration, Flywheel, has announced the closure of its Series C funding round including an investment from Intuitive Ventures, a venture capital fund dedicated to advancing the future of minimally invasive care and beyond. This brings Flywheel’s Series C round to a total of $27.5 million. 

“Flywheel is built to accelerate research collaboration, enable machine learning and streamline data management, and this investment is fuel for that work,” said Jim Olson, CEO of Flywheel. “We’re grateful for the financial support from Intuitive Ventures and are excited to continue developing tools like our upcoming discoverable network for data and algorithms that will help researchers access more real-world data and collaborate in new ways.” 

Intuitive Ventures, the venture capital arm of Intuitive, the pioneer of robotic-assisted surgery, is focused on accelerating early-stage companies working to bring positive outcomes to patients, providers, hospitals and healthcare systems. Through its investment, Intuitive Ventures recognizes Flywheel’s ability to enable scalable infrastructure for collaboration and the advancement of AI technologies across biomedical and clinical fields. 

“Flywheel is laying powerful foundations for the future of AI development and scientific collaboration between research settings, life sciences and, ultimately, clinical practice,” said Oliver Keown, MD, Director of Intuitive Ventures. “Flywheel’s tailored data management solutions, impressive network of users and the team’s depth in unlocking value from complex data position them for tremendous impact.”

Source: Flywheel.

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