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Flexxbotics Announces Transforming Laser Marking Operations with Collaborative Robotic Automation Event with FOBA and Universal Robots

Flexxbotics has announced the upcoming event, Transforming Laser Marking Operations with Collaborative Robotic Automation. This live demonstration, in-person event is sponsored by FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving, Universal Robots and Flexxbotics and will be hosted at the MassRobotics facility in Boston, MA on Thursday 1 August from 8:30am – 12pm EST Free to Attend | Register Now.

Laser marking & engraving is critical for unique part identification (UID), compliance, and branding, however, capacity constraints and labor shortage issues can create serious throughput challenges. 

To increase output and improve profit per part, forward thinking manufacturers are transforming their Laser Marking operations with Advanced Robotic Machine Tending. Utilizing collaborative robots from Universal Robots with Flexxbotics digitalization technology, companies running FOBA Laser Marking & Engraving systems can increase the machine-to-man ratio to 10:1 or more and run ‘lights out’ safely for additional capacity, precision quality, and improved profit margins. 

The half day session will include a live demonstration of a cobot-enabled FOBA and provide best practices, proven approaches to real-world applications, as well as, specific information for your initiative. 

Sessions will include:

  • Live Operational Demonstration of UR cobot-enabled FOBA Laser Marker enabled by Flexxbotics
  • Robotic Automation and Lean Manufacturing Applied to Laser Marking by Faycal Benayad, FOBA 
  • Getting Started with Cobot Automation in Laser Marking Operations by Silas Neale, Universal Robots 
  • Running Advanced Robotic Machine Tending with Laser Marking & Etching for Continuous Operations by Tyler Bouchard, Flexxbotics

Flexxbotics enables robot-driven manufacturing at scale. Flexxbotics solution digitalizes robotic production with autonomous process control for next generation smart factory environments. Flexxbotics breakthrough, the unique FlexxCORE™ technology, seamlessly connects and coordinates robots with existing automation equipment, IT systems and people. 

“Complex part geometries and frequent changeovers have traditionally made robotic-enablement of laser marking complicated, now Flexxbotics solves these challenges,” said Tyler Bouchard, Flexxbotics CEO & Co-founder. “We’re rapidly advancing robot-driven manufacturing to enable companies to increase output while maintaining the highest levels of quality and compliance.” 

Registration Required for this free in-person event.

Source: Flexxbotics

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