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Neocis Supports The Venilator Project


Neocis, the dental robotics company, has supported The Ventilator Project which is addressing the worldwide shortage of ventilators.

Makers of the Yomi Dental Robotics System, Neocis, Inc., has announced that a number of their employees have been volunteering their personal time and sharing their experience to support The Ventilator Project.

The Ventilator Project in a non-profit campaign to develop a new type of ventilator that is low-cost and easily scalable. Staff at Neocis have significant knowledge in medical device manufacturing and robotics development, which are important elements of a new ventilator design.

Tyler Mantel, Co-founder of The Ventilator Project, stated, “Our mission is to solve the impending worldwide ventilator shortage, and technology is a key component. In just a few weeks, we’ve on-boarded experienced staff and established key relationships in manufacturing. Neocis has supported our efforts with guidance in engineering, project management, and regulatory affairs.”

The Ventilator Project is currently fundraising to accelerate its growth and timeline to produce urgently needed ventilators. To inquire about supporting or participating in the project, please visit or email [email protected].

“Neocis is committed to using technology to improve healthcare, so when our employees wanted to apply their knowledge to help ease the worldwide shortage of ventilators, we wanted to support them,” said Alon Mozes, PhD, CEO of Neocis. “We believe robotics will play an important role in a new era of infection control, and we look forward to applying it to the dental industry and beyond. The Ventilator Project is a worthy cause that can leverage much of our experience in robotics and medical devices.”

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