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Cydar Medical Announces First Patient Treated in Global Strategic Collaboration with Medtronic


Cydar Medical announces the successful treatment of the first patient in a strategic collaboration with Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions. The collaboration, which spans 40 sites across the United States, UK and Europe, involves the integration of the Company’s Cydar Maps software with Medtronic’s services and case support, with the aim of improving patient care and the efficiency of medical professionals by introducing unique artificial intelligence (“AI”) solutions into the clinical environment.

The first patient in the pilot program was treated using Cydar Maps at Edward Hospital, in Illinois by vascular and endovascular surgeon, Dr George Pontikis, MD.

Cydar Maps is the first product from Cydar’s cutting-edge AI technology platform and transforms the way information is provided to clinicians undertaking image-guided minimally invasive surgery (“MIS”) simplifying complexities within operating theatres at leading hospitals across the globe. Cydar Maps generates a 3D map of patient soft tissue to support and integrate pre-operative planning, intra-operative guidance and post-operative review of endovascular MIS, using AI to update the map throughout the patient journey. Cydar Maps has been shown to offer a number of benefits, including halving the radiation exposure for patients and the clinical team, simplifying the clinical workflow and increasing clinician confidence, which in turn can significantly reduce procedure times1-3. The pilot program is also expected to inform the on-going development of Cydar Maps which will include predictive analytics to support optimised procedure planning based on the use of AI to compare patient anatomy and procedure outcomes from a global data set.

Source: Cydar Medical

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