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Canon Unveils Aplio me Ultrasound Solution

Aplio me Ultrasound System

Canon unveils Aplio me – an innovative shared-service ultrasound system designed to meet the diverse demands of routine users across a wide spectrum of clinical settings. The highly compact and lightweight system caters to ultrasound professionals seeking high workflow efficiency and advanced routine solutions in clinics to large hospitals.

Key features include:

  • Imaging excellence: Aplio me boasts robust B-mode and color Doppler imaging capability in a compact form, instilling diagnostic confidence across various clinical specialties. This ensures outstanding value for routine users and high throughput customers.
  • Premium Aplio technology migration: Aplio me incorporates the migration of image quality and select applications, allowing the user to benefit from Canon’s premium Aplio technology in a routine setting, increasing clinical accuracy and productivity.
  • AI-enabled technologies: Aplio me comprises a range of AI-enabled technologies to improve workflow efficiency, exam consistency and ease of use. By allowing physicians to focus on patient care rather than on system optimization, these technologies can help increase overall productivity.
  • User-centric design: Aplio me is a high-level system that excels in routine work. It is instinctive and intuitive to use and provides confidence to users in achieving all tasks on their work list, producing clinically rewarding work.
  • Compelling compatibility: Aplio me offers unparalleled image quality in a compact design, making it the premier choice for demanding routine users in shared service environments. The system supports a wide range of transducers, enabling migration from existing systems and thus ensuring optimal clinical capabilities for existing and new customers.
  • Canon quality assurance: Designed, manufactured and quality-assured by Canon Medical Systems in Japan, Aplio me stands for outstanding design and manufacturing quality. With Aplio me’s robust, durable system architecture, Canon ensures longevity and a high return on investment, providing financial confidence in a significant investment for its customers.

“Aplio me is more than just another ultrasound machine; it is a personalized companion for each individual user, improving their specific workflow and giving them diagnostic confidence with every exam. The highly customizable, user-centric system design ensures that users can not only get their work done quickly and with high quality, but also set up their workplace ergonomically, quietly and efficiently,” said Akihiro Sano, General Manager of the Ultrasound Systems Division at Canon Medical Systems Corporation in Japan.

Aplio me will be commercially available in select markets from today. The system will be on display at Canon Medical’s booth (Dubai World Trade Centre, Sheikh Saeed Hall 1, booth location S1.B10) at Arab Health in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from January 29 to February 1, 2024.

Source: Canon

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