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Biomerics Announces Expansion of Brooklyn Park Facility

Biomerics Brooklyn Park facility expansion

Biomerics has announced the completion of a 100,000-square-foot expansion of their operations in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, bringing the facility to a total size of 170,000 square feet. Driven by increased demand, this investment benefits customers by consolidating multiple facilities under one roof and expanding Biomerics’ engineering Centers of Excellence for Complex Extrusions, Laser Processing and Advanced Catheters & Steerables, as well as final assembly operations.

Biomerics’ main facility in Brooklyn Park specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing complex, highly specialized catheters, steerable devices and delivery systems for the interventional device market.

The 100,000-square-foot expansion includes 20,000 square feet dedicated to expanding micro metals laser processing; 24,000 square feet for complex extrusion processing, with 2,000 square feet of that certified as ISO class 8 cleanroom space; and 10,000 square feet for advanced catheter processing. The expansion also provides additional areas for employee training and office space.

This new space will allow Biomerics to triple extrusion output over the next five years to keep up with increased customer demand for high-quality medical extrusions and catheters. The collaboration of Brooklyn Park’s extrusion and catheter teams with Biomerics’ custom proprietary polyurethane manufacturing team in Salt Lake City, Utah, combines the engineering expertise of proprietary thermoplastic materials and compounds for medical tubing. This vertical integration makes Biomerics the only fully integrated medical tubing manufacturer in the interventional device market and marks the launch of Biomerics Advanced Materials & Tubing, the company’s newest Center of Excellence.

Tom Winegar, President of Biomerics Brooklyn Park, says, “This expansion consolidates all Biomerics’ Minnesota operations under one roof. This allows for a one-stop shop for our customers to meet their design and manufacturing needs for micro metals processing, advanced extrusion, product development, advanced catheters and advanced steerables. We are excited to continue to invest in Minnesota and enhance our capabilities for our customers.”

Chris Richardson, President of Biomerics Advanced Interventional Catheter, adds, “Our Center of Excellence for Advanced Catheters & Steerables in Minnesota understands the advanced engineering capabilities needed to bring innovative interventional devices to market, including advanced composite construction; multi-durometer shaft transitions; pushability, torquability and trackability; hydrophilic coatings; handle design; multi-lumen configurations; bending; and articulation. The expansion significantly scales our capabilities for our customers as they grow.”

“This expansion reflects our 30-year pursuit of innovation and manufacturing excellence,” says Travis Sessions, Chief Executive Officer of Biomerics. “I’m thrilled to continue to see our vertical integration on full display throughout our growing global operations. This investment says a lot about the performance of these combining teams, our markets we manufacture for and our commitment to delivering the latest innovation in the medical device manufacturing industry. The expansion will continue to fuel our growth with best-in-class speed-to-market capabilities.”

Source: Biomerics

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