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Activ Surgical Secures First U.S. Patent for ActivSight Enhanced Visualization Module


Digital surgery pioneer, Activ Surgical, has been granted U.S. Patent No. 10,925,465 B2 for its ActivSight enhanced visualization module. The patent, Activ Surgical’s first to be issued in the U.S., protects the form factor of ActivSight, deeming it as novel given its ability to power scopes and other existing hardware in the operating room. 

ActivSight is the company’s proprietary hardware imaging module that will power its first product, ActivINSIGHT. It works dynamically and seamlessly with any installed visualization system to provide real-time intraoperative visual data and images not currently available to surgeons through existing technologies. Together, ActivSight and ActivINSIGHT will offer real time surgical guidance in the form of previously unavailable visual overlays, including blood flow and perfusion without the need for the injection of dyes, as well as allowing for fluorescing of indocyanine green (ICG) dye. ActivSight has been submitted for FDA clearance and is expected to be commercially available in 2021. 

“We are very pleased that the USPTO views the ActivSight visualization module as novel and has granted the company our first U.S. patent,” said Tom Calef, Chief Technology Officer, Activ Surgical. “The issuance of this patent is a significant milestone in the development of our global intellectual property portfolio and protects our groundbreaking technology as we prepare for the commercialization of ActivSight later this year. This patent also provides viability, credibility and assurance of our technology to the 13 major hospital systems around the world that have commited to ActivSight’s initial launch in 2021.” 

The issuance of this U.S. patent for ActivSight brings the company’s total IP portfolio to 30+ patents worldwide and more than 110 inventions. For more information on Activ Surgical and its technologies, please visit

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