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Accuray Receives CE Mark for ClearRT™ Helical Fan-beam kVCT Imaging Technology


The Accuray-only ClearRT technology is now available to customers in the European Union, United States and Japan.

Accuray has secured CE Mark certification for its ClearRT™ helical fan-beam kVCT imaging capability. The Accuray-only ClearRT technology is now available to customers in the European Union, United States and Japan, as well as other areas in the world where either the CE Mark or FDA 510(k) clearance are required for commercial distribution.

The Radixact® System, based on the TomoTherapy® platform, with ClearRT imaging provides an integrated 360-degree, helical radiation delivery and imaging system that expands the versatility and performance of image-guided stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) and intensity-modulated radiation treatments (IG-IMRT). The high-fidelity ClearRT imaging solution offers the widest and longest field of view enabling clinicians to see more, know more and do more, offering a new level of precision and accuracy in the treatment of almost any indication that would benefit from radiation therapy.

“The use of SBRT is growing rapidly, offering patients an important option for treating tumors in fewer visits than with conventionally fractionated radiotherapy. This is a major benefit for the patient, but requires technology that can deliver the radiation dose with extreme accuracy and precision. ClearRT was designed to provide a major leap forward in delivering on this prerequisite,” said Suzanne Winter, chief commercial officer and senior vice president, R&D at Accuray. “The combination of ClearRT diagnostic-like CT fan-beam imaging with Synchrony®, advanced technology that adapts treatment delivery to tumor motion in real time, provides an unprecedented set of tools for delivering SBRT and IG-IMRT treatments personalized to the unique needs of each patient. This most recent regulatory approval expands access to ClearRT, increasing the number of patients who can benefit from precise and accurate radiation treatments.”

ClearRT imaging provides:

  • Versatility to fully image anatomy to be treated, regardless of size, with flexible fields of view
  • Efficiency to increase patient throughput with reduced patient imaging and registration times
  • Intelligence to evaluate plan adaptation and use images for re-planning, when appropriate, with high fidelity, highly Hounsfield unit (HU) accurate image quality

Learn more about ClearRT here.

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