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WITTENSTEIN announces new range of frameless servo motors


WITTENSTEIN cyber motor GmbH has recently announced a new range of frameless servo motors – cyber® kit line small – that provides countless innovative design options for drive solutions in OEM machines. The frameless, bearingless concept and the large number of configurable variants give users maximum flexibility when designing a machine. The compact dimensions and reduced mass of the cyber® kit line small ensure exceptionally high power density. The torque-optimized motor design with best-in-class performance data supports space-saving drive technology where high dynamics are a must, for example in combination with WITTENSTEIN cyber motor’s new cyber® simco® drive 2 drive family with a Multi-Ethernet-Interface.

Thanks to the special design of the stators – 24 individual teeth which are bent into a round shape and sealed with a high copper fill factor – the servo motors in the cyber® kit line small achieve continuous torques more than ten percent better than any other comparable motor available in the market. For many users, this represents a real revolution. The same applies to the specified speeds: with up to 8000 rpm, they set benchmarks in terms of dynamics for a servo motor of this type.

Yet another significant differentiator of these frameless motors is the large hollow shaft, which greatly simplifies the design in robot axes and other applications where space is a critical factor. Cable, compressed air, vacuum, fiber optic and laser feedthroughs for gripping elements or sensors, among others, can be safely implemented in a small space in this way. It is also possible to integrate a screw into the hollow shaft in order to reduce the actuator’s overall length.

Modular principle ensures efficient drive solutions

The new cyber® kit line small comprises two sizes with 50 mm and 85 mm outer diameter, each offered in three lengths, as well as two voltage classes (60 V and 600 V) and two hollow shaft versions of different sizes. Furthermore, the integrated temperature sensors (PTC and PT1000) and the optional Hall sensor open up numerous possibilities when it comes to connectivity. Users profit from a variety of combination options plus efficient, single-source drive solutions – in collaborative or industrial robotics, packaging and textile machinery, machine tools or assembly and production machines.

Source: WITTENSTEIN cyber motor GmbH on request.

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