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Venus Concept Launches Latest Generation of Robotic Hair Restoration System ARTAS iX

venus concept artas ix hair restoration

Venus Concept Inc. announces the launch of its latest generation of ARTAS iX, which is now broadly available to physicians specializing in hair transplantation worldwide.

Its latest generation of ARTAS iX sets a new standard for hair transplantation by leveraging cutting-edge robotics, machine vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies. This advanced system offers a new level of speed to the implantation process, now allowing the implantation of up to 1000 grafts per hour while also improving the speed of harvesting, resulting in a procedure that is up to 25% faster. Additional improvements include the new vision system, which improves patient tracking and follicle centering, resulting in better graft quality and enhanced precision. In addition to these significant hardware advancements, our enhanced software enables an improved, intuitive user experience with a refreshed user interface and a new training mode to enable smoother training of practitioners and run real-time demos during consultations.

“We continue to focus on integrating the advancements of robotics and artificial intelligence into the area of minimally-invasive aesthetic and hair restoration procedures,” said Dr. Hemanth Varghese, President and Chief Innovation & Business Officer of Venus Concept. “The market for hair restoration continues to grow, and with it, the demand for better solutions to optimize procedure workflow and clinical outcomes. Our enhanced ARTAS iX system marks another major achievement for our Robotics Center of Excellence in its continuous innovation towards revolutionizing hair transplantation. The system enables physicians to generate unparalleled results offering state-of-the-art precision and accuracy levels as well as speed, helping to address concerns related to the labor-intensive aspects of hair restoration procedures such as clinical fatigue and procedure time. Hair restoration is an important segment for Venus Concept and will continue to be a driver of growth into the future. “

“I have found that the new upgrades to the ARTAS iX system significantly improve the process of transplantation, handling of harvested grafts, site-making and implantation, all of which contribute to reducing training time and increasing staff bandwidth,” commented Dr. Maxim Chumak, an ARTAS iX system user and a diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. “Most of the devices currently on the market require manual operation for harvesting and for implanters to be loaded individually, which can be time-consuming and can potentially damage grafts. This is the first system that requires minimal handling of the grafts, effectively addressing this issue. “

Source: Venus Concept

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