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University of Washington Medicine to Launch EDAP Focal One® Robotic HIFU Program


EDAP TMS has announced that the University of Washington Medicine has acquired its Focal One® high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology for the precise ablation of prostate tissue. UW Medicine will implement the focal therapy program with Focal One at its UW Medical Center location.

“We are pleased that UW Medicine has chosen to offer Focal One Robotic HIFU to their patients,” said Marc Oczachowski, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EDAP. “Our technology continues to be broadly adopted globally by leading academic medical centers in the field of urology as part of a comprehensive and state-of-the-art approach to prostate cancer care.”

Advances in imaging, targeted biopsies and energy therapies have increased the applicability of focal treatments which have the potential to treat targeted tissue while sparing key structures. Focal One® is the most advanced system for the precise ablation of prostate tissue using HIFU. In addition, HIFUsion® proprietary software combines pre-operative MRI and 3D biopsy data with real-time ultrasound to provide a complete image for treatment planning. The Focal One platform also offers a fully robotic system for motorized movements and position adjustments while under the control of a urologist.

“Focal therapy is poised to play an important and growing role in the management of prostate cancer in the United States,” said Ryan Rhodes, Chief Executive Officer of EDAP USA. “Our team is excited to partner with the urologists at UW Medicine to bring the most advanced use of precise ultrasound energy to ablate targeted prostate tissue.”

“UW Medicine is a leader in advancing effective, minimally invasive treatments for men with prostate cancer with the goal of reducing the side effects of treatment,” said Dr. George Schade, associate professor of urology at the University of Washington School of Medicine. “Focal therapy with high intensity focused ultrasound may be an option for select patients with low to intermediate risk localized prostate cancer. We are committed to matching the right treatment with the right patient. The addition of Focal One expands our ability to offer the full spectrum of treatment options for managing prostate cancer.”

Source: EDAP TMS

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