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TransEnterix Targets General Surgery with Senhance System

FDA indications filing submitted to expand Senhance Surgical System.

Medical technology business, TransEnterix, Inc., has submitted an FDA indications filing to expand the usage of the Senhance Surgical System to include General Surgery. Headquartered in North Carolina, TransEnterix is improving minimally invasive surgery by digitizing the interface between the surgeon and patient.

Anthony Fernando, President and CEO at TransEnterix, said: “This submission is an important milestone for the continued application of Senhance in the highest volume and value procedures.” He continued: “General Surgery is by far the largest procedural area in minimally invasive abdominal surgery, and we are pleased to have submitted significant additional clinical data to expand the procedures for which surgeons can utilize the benefit of Senhance.”

The Senhance System is the first and only digital laparoscopic surgical platform designed to maintain laparoscopic MIS standards while providing digital benefits such as haptic feedback, robotic precision, comfortable ergonomics, advanced instrumentation including, 3 mm mini-laparoscopic instruments, eye sensing camera control and reusable standard instruments to help maintain per-procedure costs similar to traditional laparoscopy. The Senhance System is also the first machine-vision system in robotic surgery which is powered by the new intelligent Surgical Unit (ISU) that enables augmented intelligence in surgery.

TransEnterix recently announced that it had signed an agreement with Maastricht University Medical Center+ to lease and utilise a Senhance Surgical System. Learn more here.

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