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Titan Medical Announces Publication of New Patent Application


Titan Medical, a medical device company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative surgical technologies for single access robotic-assisted surgery (RAS), has announced the publication of international patent application No. PCT/CA2022/050392, which the company anticipates pursuing in the United States and other key markets under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

The patent application generally discloses dexterous endoscope technologies for use with RAS systems that are designed to provide a robust workspace field of view greater than those provided by prior endoscope technologies, which are designed to capture only a portion of a surgical site. Technology described in the patent application could be utilized in a variety of single access RAS systems, including those designed to support three instruments that are simultaneously positionable within an insertion conduit.

“It was important for us to share the publication of this patent application as it highlights our continued commitment to be an innovation leader in single access RAS, which includes but also extends beyond the current development of the Enos™ surgical system,” said Cary Vance, President and CEO of Titan. “While we are focused on the development, clinical and regulatory activities for the Enos system, we are committed to continuing to advance the surgical experience for patients, surgeons and hospitals through the research and development of RAS technology components and systems. Filing patent applications on our inventions remains an important step in protecting the value we continue to generate, including those designed for next-generation technologies and systems. As we further innovate and develop our RAS technology roadmap, we expect to extend our leadership in single access innovation and intellectual property, competitively positioning Titan, particularly with respect to upcoming RAS entrants.”

Titan has developed an expansive intellectual property portfolio with over 220 pending and issued patents covering the United States and other jurisdictions that support and cover various aspects of single-access RAS including the Enos system’s surgeon workstation, patient cart, dexterous articulating instruments, ergonomic hand-controllers, enhanced vision systems, advanced control software, and instinctive surgeon overlays for providing interoperative feedback. This coverage of single-access RAS, and in particular the Enos system, along with coverage of more general aspects of RAS technologies, may provide the company with multiple intellectual property options including further protecting its RAS technologies, and the potential to further license its technologies and assistance in securing a competitive commercial pathway.

Source: Titan Medical.

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