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THINK Surgical and Ortho Development Celebrate FDA Clearance

TSolution One Ortho Development BKS TriMax

THINK Surgical, an innovator in the field of orthopedic active robot surgery, and Ortho Development Corporation, an orthopedic device design and manufacturing company, have announced FDA clearance to use Ortho Development’s Balanced Knee® System (BKS), and BKS TriMax® implants, with THINK Surgical’s TSolution One® Total Knee Application. The TSolution One Total Knee Application is the only commercially available active robot system for total knee replacement that supports an open implant library, giving surgeons a choice of implant options.

“We are delighted to expand the open implant library of the TSolution One Total Knee Application to include Ortho Development’s Balanced Knee System and BKS TriMax implants,” said Jay Yang, acting CEO, THINK Surgical, Inc. “Ortho Development’s reputation for attaining reproducible outcomes in total knee arthroplasty combined with the accuracy available to surgeons through the use of the TSolution One Application makes this an exciting offering for surgeons.”

The collaboration enhances each company’s pioneering technology: THINK’s TSolution One Total Knee Application active robot and Ortho Development Corporation’s Balanced Knee System and BKS TriMax, which includes implants and instrumentation for total knee replacement procedures.

Brent Bartholomew, President of Ortho Development, added, “We are optimistic about our collaboration with THINK Surgical, and the ability to offer a robotic option to our customers in this expanding area of orthopedic surgery. The BKS and BKS TriMax have an excellent clinical history and market reputation going back 20+ years. Coupling these implants with the TSolution One Total Knee Application adds a unique enabling technology for our flagship products.”

The TSolution One Total Knee Application consists of TPLAN®, the 3D pre-surgical planning workstation, and TCAT®, the active robot. Pre-surgical planning allows the surgeon to design and prepare, in a virtual environment, the patient’s personalized joint replacement surgical plan. The active robot aids the surgeon in executing the preoperative surgical plan with automated, hands-free cutting and removal of the diseased bone and cartilage. The TSolution One Total Knee Application assists surgeons with optimal joint implant placement based on each patient’s unique anatomy.

Ortho Development’s BKS and BKS TriMax design is based on proven technology with more than 20 years of successful clinical results and over 100,000 implanted worldwide. BKS implants are offered in a wide range of sizes and options to allow optimal anatomical fit for a variety of patients. The system has a patented locking mechanism specifically designed to minimize the micro-motion between the plastic tibial insert and the titanium tibial base plate implants. Simple and intuitive instrumentation facilitates reproducibility in the hands of every surgeon and aids in proper intraoperative balancing of the knee joint.

Source: THINK Surgical, Inc.

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