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ThinGap Announces New LSO Series of “Out-Runner” Motor Kits


ThinGap has announced two new variants of its successful LS Series of torque motor products: the LSO 225-51 and LSO 225-66. The new parts are 225 mm wide and either 51 or 66 mm tall, respectively. Using an outrunner architecture (where the rotor revolves on the outside, as opposed to the inside of the stator), the new motor kits offer a mechanical feature that is beneficial to applications needing outside rotation around a stationary center.

Like other ThinGap motors, these outrunner motors provide the same cogless motion, high torque output and overall efficiency as the in-runner line of LS motor kits. As an example, the LSO 225-66’s continuous torque of 17.86 N-m and 1.315 N-m/√W motor constant. They also offer a stator with a thin radial cross-section and optimized permanent-magnet rotor. This results in a large aperture while being weight-optimized and low profile. The LSO 225-51 has a part set mass of just 2.4 kg and a 198 mm through hole, representing 88% of the part’s outer diameter (OD).

The LS Series of frameless motor has been built by ThinGap over the last five years and now offers more than 20 different models. They range in size from 25 mm up to 267 mm OD, and numerous axial heights, all providing highly scalable power and torque outputs. Along with the two new LSO products detailed herein, the existing line of LS motors are in-runner types, as denoted by the product prefix of “LSI”.

ThinGap expects to release additional sizes to build out the LSO product line in 2022.

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