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Texas Health Hospital Mansfield joins Stryker’s Journey to Zero

Texas Health Hospital Mansfield

Stryker has today announced a partnership with Texas Health Hospital Mansfield, the first medical institution that has committed to taking the Journey to ZeroTM, adopting the full suite of Stryker products to support their journey to eliminate harm for healthcare providers and patients in the operating room.

“We are pleased to be partnering with Stryker to create operating rooms that are safer for all our caregivers and patients,” said Kenneth Rose, president and chief executive officer of Texas Health Mansfield. “There is no shortage of medical challenges that our healthcare providers face on a day-to-day basis. By adopting the full range of Stryker products, we will be able to improve both the quality of care we provide to our patients as well as the safety of our team members.”

Journey to Zero aims to improve safety in operating rooms for both patients and caregivers by helping customers adopt the full suite of Stryker products intended to reduce or eliminate the most common risks and hazards in the operating room, including blind spots, surgical smoke, retained surgical sponges, drug diversion, splashes and spills, and slips, trips and falls. These products include:

  • Illuminated Instruments: Surgical instruments that enhance surgeons’ visualization and help perform new or evolutionary surgical procedures.
  • Neptune® Waste Management System: The only constantly closed waste system on the market that makes the constant containment of surgical fluid, smoke and airborne pathogens possible.
  • Neptune® SafeAir® Smoke Evacuation: An expansive suite of smoke evacuation products that help reduce exposure to smoke-related biohazards.
  • SurgiCount® Safety-Sponge® System: A digital process that helps doctors and nurses account for the removal of all surgical sponges during a surgery to ensure none are retained by the patient following the procedure.

“At Stryker, we are dedicated to creating solutions that will improve healthcare for patients and providers,” said Sam Bossley, director of marketing at Stryker. “We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Texas Health Hospital Mansfield, and our hope is that other medical institutions will follow their lead and join us on the Journey to Zero, making the operating room safer for all.”

Journey to Zero was born out of decades of partnerships with hospitals throughout the country, where Stryker observed the risks, challenges and unintended outcomes that are often faced in the operating room. As a champion of technologies that are designed to act as a safeguard for all caregivers and patients, Stryker remains committed to acting as a trusted partner for hospitals throughout the country to prioritize zero harm. For more information, please visit

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