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Team Consulting Expands Facilities to Meet Growing Demand


Medical device consultancy, Team Consulting, has expanded its facilities to over 5,500 sq ft of lab spaces to meet growing client demand. The expansion includes a whole new barn with a suite of high-spec labs, design facilities and collaborative workspaces.

The recent expansion gives Team Consulting an even greater capability to support larger and more varied projects from its clients, from electronics, software and industrial design to medical device developments requiring contained areas for specialist drug delivery device testing.

Ian Vaughan, Project Manager, Device Testing at Team Consulting, said: “We have always prided ourselves on our innovative lab spaces and state-of-the-art equipment, however this expansion means we can offer even greater flexibility to meet client requests, whether they need strict confidentiality or specialist requirements.”

On-site facilities include environmental labs for tight control of temperature and humidity, electronics labs with Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) controls and test equipment, as well as bespoke containment solutions for handling and testing drug formulations for inhaled, ocular and parenteral devices.

Source: Team Consulting.

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