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Stryker Completes Acquisition of Gauss Surgical


Stryker has completed the acquisition of Gauss Surgical*. Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, Gauss Surgical is a medical device company that has developed Triton™, an artificial intelligence-enabled platform for real-time monitoring of blood loss during surgery. Triton has demonstrated improvements in maternal and surgical care through earlier recognition of hemorrhage leading to earlier intervention.

Up to 5% of mothers will experience a post-partum hemorrhage1, which is the leading cause of maternal death globally.2 Studies suggest that 70% of these are preventable.3 The Joint Commission revealed that prevention, early recognition and timely treatment of maternal hemorrhage had the highest impact on decreasing maternal complications.4

“Gauss Surgical’s innovative Triton technology will help fill the void of quantifying blood loss to enable accuracy, early detection of hemorrhage and prevention of maternal morbidity,” said Dylan Crotty, president of Stryker’s Instruments division. “Our belief is that Triton technology will help improve the industry standards for quantifying blood loss in the labor and delivery department, furthering Stryker’s commitment to improve safety and outcomes for our caregivers and their patients.”

“Since the advent of modern surgery, visual estimation of blood loss has remained a notoriously inaccurate and imprecise standard of care,” said Siddarth Satish, CEO and founder of Gauss Surgical. “I am excited to expand this offering with Stryker.”

More information about Triton technology is available at

* In conjunction with its acquisition by Stryker, Gauss Surgical has spun off its home diagnostics business into a new company, Exa Health

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