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Stryker Announces Launch of T2 Alpha Femur Retrograde Nailing System


Stryker has announced the launch of its T2 Alpha Femur Retrograde Nailing System. The new nailing solution features a redefined data-driven nail design,1, 2 an advanced locking screw option that provides surgeons with axial stability where desired 5, and a dedicated proximal targeting system, which is designed to reduce the number of X-ray shots compared to freehand locking.4,6,7

“Stryker has made significant investments in the T2 Alpha Femur Retrograde Nailing System’s instrumentation platform,” said Eric Tamweber, vice president and general manager of Stryker’s Trauma business. “We are excited to now have a complete lower extremity T2 Alpha Nailing platform available for our surgeon customers.”

The T2 Alpha Femur Retrograde Nailing System was created with a new level of innovation, including:

  • Data-driven Stryker Orthopaedic Modeling and Analytics (SOMA) designed nails, available in a variety of sizes and radii of curvature, to meet the unique needs of each case and diverse anatomical patient needs 1,2.
  • Advanced locking screws that are designed to limit relative motion between the nail and screw and provide additional stability when needed1,3,5.
  • Guided targeting that is designed to provide more reproducible locking and reduce the number of X-ray shots compared to freehand locking4,6,7.
  • Intuitive instrumentation that is inspired by surgeon preferences and designed to improve ease of use, case after case1.


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Source: Medtronic.

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