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SS Innovations Launches Robotic Cardiac Surgery Program in India

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SS Innovations International, Inc. announces the launch of an innovative robotic cardiac surgery program in India utilizing its flagship SSi Mantra surgical robotic system.

The company’s cardiac program aims to revive and invigorate the field of robotic coronary artery bypass and intracardiac surgery in India, and to train surgeons throughout the country in these procedures using the SSi Mantra. More than 20 robotic cardiac surgeries have been successfully performed using SS Innovations’ surgical robotic system in India, to date.

Dr. Sudhir Srivastava, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of SS Innovations, said, “Each year more than 2,000,000 open heart surgeries are performed globally, however in India, doctors perform approximately 100,000 surgeries annually. Additionally, today more than 95% of patients are still being operated on in a maximally invasive approach globally, which means the splitting of the sternum is required to gain access to the heart. This results in greater blood loss, increased risk of wound infection with longer recoveries for the patient. 

“While in the USA, I helped develop many ‘World’s First’ cardiac bypass procedures that avoided such invasive approaches. Most of my cardiac bypass patients went home in just 3 days or less. The results were outstanding. It is high time that we utilize technology to its fullest potential.  It was always my goal to revive robotic cardiac surgery and while developing the Mantra Surgical Robotic System; I was acutely aware of how our platform would always include cardiac surgery as a viable treatment option for many patients globally.  Every patient should have access to gold standard surgical care, and we believe that our cost-effective surgical robotic system is a key part of the solution.

“SS Innovations plans to launch multiple robotic cardiac surgical programs throughout India, followed by programs internationally. Joined by many global leaders in cardiac surgery who are part of our International Cardiac Advisory Board, we collectively believe there is an enormous opportunity to address the significant unmet need for safe, timely, and affordable cardiac surgical care around the world.”

In September 2023, Dr. Srivastava, a world-leading cardiac surgeon, performed the world’s first beating heart robotic cardiac bypass surgery using the SSi Mantra. The Beating Heart Totally Endoscopic Coronary Artery Bypass (TECAB) is one of the most complex surgical approaches in Cardiac Surgery.  It is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed on a beating heart, through tiny ports, in a closed chest, without the need for a cardiopulmonary bypass machine. 

Dr. Srivastava has completed more than 1,400 robotic cardiothoracic surgical procedures, including 750 TECAB cases.

The SSi Mantra Surgical Robotic System is the first surgical system to be made in India, and one of the only systems in the world to be distinctly cost-effective with broad-spectrum surgical applications including cardiac surgery. The Mantra System has been granted regulatory approval in India and is clinically validated in more than 40 different types of surgical procedures. SS Innovations expects to secure regulatory approvals in the United States and Europe in 2024 and 2025.

Source: SS Innovations

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