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SpineGuard Secures New U.S. Patent


SpineGuard, an innovative company that deploys its DSG (Dynamic Surgical Guidance) sensing technology to secure and streamline the placement of bone implants, has announced the grant of a new patent in the United States, following grants in China, Japan, Mexico, France, Israel, Russia and Singapore. This patent discloses certain characteristics of the DSG technology that optimize its real time implementation.

Stéphane Bette, Deputy CEO and cofounder of SpineGuard, said: “Since its foundation, SpineGuard has been developing, deploying and fine-tuning its tissue electrical conductivity local measurement technology for securing and streamlining the placement of implants in bone, manually or with robotic assistance, while decreasing the dangerous systematic reliance on X-ray imaging. Our intellectual property portfolio keeps expanding and the validated invention perfects our technology and affirms its uniqueness in the long term, a key asset in the context of our strategic discussions with potential industry partners. The grant of this major patent in the United States coincides with the ongoing strengthening of our commercial organization in the largest market of our sector.”

Since its inception, SpineGuard develops and maintains a significant IP portfolio now reaching 15 patent families totaling 78 patents and applications as well as 3 trademarks, in the major geographies such as Europe, USA and China.

SpineGuard is focused on the following priorities while striving to remain close to breakeven:

1. Boost commercial activities with the launch of the DSG-Connect visual interface.

2. Implement DSG technology in ortho-robotics through the deployment of AI algorithms, new scientific evidence, and additional patents.

3. Intensify the collaboration with ConfiDent ABC for the dental application and co-develop a new generation of products embedding the DSG technology.

4. Affirm the company’s technological shift and sign strategic partnerships in particular for the use of DSG technology in the robotic field.

Source: SpineGuard.

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