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Smith+Nephew Announces Partnership with UFC

Smith+Nephew and UFC

Smith+Nephew has announced that it has been named the Preferred Sports Medicine Technology Partner of UFC – the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization and one of the foremost global brands in all of sports. Under the terms of the multi-year partnership, Smith+Nephew will activate its brand through UFC’s immense global presence to promote the repair, regeneration and recovery of Sports Medicine injuries through advanced technologies.

“We’re thrilled to have Smith+Nephew join us for the first time as an Official UFC Partner,” said Robby Miller, Vice President, UFC Global Partnerships. “Through hard work, significant investment, and groundbreaking innovations like the UFC Performance Institute, UFC has become the industry leader in athlete health and safety in combat sports. We’re looking forward to advancing that mission by also promoting better health and recovery through technology solutions, such as those offered by Smith+Nephew, that will benefit UFC athletes and fans alike.”

Smith+Nephew offers world-class Sports Medicine solutions including advanced technologies, instruments and implants that enable surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgery including the repair of soft tissue injuries and degenerative conditions of the shoulder, knee, hip and small joints. Recent advancements in its biological healing portfolio include the REGENETEN◊ Bioinductive Implant and the newly acquired CARTIHEAL AGILI-C◊ Cartilage Repair Implant. Backed by impressive clinical evidence, both technologies are transforming the way healthcare professionals treat soft tissue repair and helping improve patient outcomes versus the current standard of care.1,2

“Smith+Nephew’s purpose is Life Unlimited – helping restore people’s bodies and their self-belief by using technology to take the limits off living. We are proud to partner with UFC and share a common goal to get patients back in the game quickly, safely, and effectively,” said Scott Schaffner, President Sports Medicine, Smith+Nephew. “The global reach and influence of UFC is unmatched by any other sports organization, and we look forward to this partnership spotlighting Smith+Nephew’s leading-edge portfolio of Sports Medicine technology solutions with the UFC’s global audience.”

Beyond the Octagon, UFC and Smith+Nephew will collaborate on original content that will be distributed through UFC’s popular digital and social channels, which reach more than 259 million users worldwide. Smith+Nephew will also have a branded presence throughout the UFC Performance Institutes in Las Vegas, Shanghai and Mexico City – the world’s first mixed martial arts performance training, research, rehabilitation, and nutrition centers. The agreement also provides for an annual Brand Ambassador fund that will bring the partnership to life through appearances, content, and creative campaigns with UFC athletes.

◊ Trademark of Smith+Nephew. Certain marks registered in US Patent and Trademark Office.

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Source: Smith+Nephew

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