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Siemens Collaborative Ecosystem Attracts SONIFI Health

SONIFI Health is the latest company to join Siemens Connect Ecosystem.

SONIFI Health and Siemens have announced that SONIFI Health is the latest company to join Siemens Connect Ecosystem. Siemen’s fast growing Ecosystem is a network bringing together experts in IT, cybersecurity, software development, remote and digital services, as well as business intelligence.

Jeremiah McGuire, VP Strategic Development at SONIFI Health, said: “SONIFI Health is honored to be part of this collaborative effort, which will greatly serve healthcare systems that are shifting toward smart rooms for the benefit of patients and clinicians.” Jeremiah McGuire, continues: “Integrating Siemens platforms with SONIFI Health’s patient engagement system allows hospitals and other healthcare organizations to provide even greater control and comfort to patients when they need it most, while also reducing fall risks and staff dependencies.”

The Siemens Ecosystem pulls together the tools, processes, training, and support necessary for third-party solution providers to successfully create solutions that integrate seamlessly with Siemens’ platforms, including its Building Management System Desigo CC, the APOGEE Automation System, and related platforms.

Brad Haeberle, VP Solutions and Service at Siemens, said: “As more and more connected devices enable us to deliver on the promises of a truly intelligent building, organizations must be able to adapt quickly and advance smart building operations and performance. The Siemens Connect Ecosystem is our answer to this digital transformation, which lets us all create places perfectly designed for their purpose.”

“Today’s healthcare patients are also consumers with high expectations for their environment and experiences. Being part of the Siemens Connect Ecosystem creates opportunities for SONIFI Health to offer even more seamlessly connected experiences at healthcare systems across the country,” says Roy Kosuge, General Manager of SONIFI Health. “We’re proud to work with partners in the Siemens Ecosystem to create a smart enterprise that can drive positive outcomes for our customers and the people they serve.”

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