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Sanford Health Relies on Carestream’s Diagnostic Imaging Portfolio

Diagnostic Imaging

Sanford Health relies on Carestream’s diagnostic imaging portfolio to meet wide array of patient, provider needs.

Carestream Health medical imaging systems are helping ease workflow and increase productivity to meet both patient and provider needs across Sanford Health’s clinics, including Sanford Medical Center Fargo, North Dakota’s largest medical center and a key regional healthcare hub for that area.

Wendy Burger, Radiology Manager, oversees Sanford Health’s Fargo and Moorhead, Minnesota facilities and noted the Sanford Health system has a large Carestream presence. These sites currently have seven Carestream diagnostic imaging systems and DRX detector integrations as well.

“Our staff knows Carestream, which makes it easier for me to utilize our team in a more productive way,” Ms. Burger said. “When it comes to service, the response time is prompt and typically downtime is not an issue.”

Among the systems at Sanford Health are the CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution Plus and the CARESTREAM DRX-Ascend that help imaging professionals conduct hundreds of radiology exams a day, including general chest X-rays and scans for pediatric, orthopaedic and rheumatic patients.

Carestream’s flagship X-ray room, the DRX-Evolution Plus offers clinical facilities a table with higher weight capacity, enhanced pediatric capabilities—Sanford Health uses one of these systems solely for pediatric patients—and extended tube-column range for high ceilings. The DRX-Evolution Plus, like other Carestream products, offers the power of the X-Factor, with a wireless DRX Plus Detector that works across virtually all systems.

The DRX-Ascend provides a clear upgrade path for facilities like Sanford Health. This system, like the DRX-Evolution Plus, delivers excellent image quality with a wide selection of components to configure a system tailored to specific needs. Its scalability helps eliminate technology obsolescence.

Both the DRX-Evolution Plus and DRX-Ascend feature Carestream’s ImageView clinical acquisition software, powered by its Eclipse image processing engine, to securely enhance productivity and patient care in a single platform.

“Our healthcare providers are very pleased with the diagnostic image quality,” Ms. Burger said. “The systems allow us to alter the settings to meet the facility’s preferences. Orthopaedics has different needs than a general practice. The systems let us make the changes we need.”

Sanford Health staff also finds ImageView Software to be user-friendly, speeding up exams and boosting productivity.

“With the DRX-Evolution Plus, for example, it automatically adjusts to our desired positioning and tracking, which allows the technologists to perform the exams more easily. Ergonomically, it’s good for us, too,” Ms. Burger added. “Once you use a Carestream system, your throughput with exams goes much faster.”

Sanford Health expects to add four additional DRX-Evolution Plus systems to a new orthopaedic center in June.

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