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Queen’s Park Women’s Hospital Completes 350 Surgical Cases Using meerecompany’s Revo-i


meerecompany has announced that Queen’s Park Women’s Hospital achieved 350 cases of robotic surgery using Revo-i in July. This inspiring achievement was made within only 10 months after the previous achievement of 100 cases in September 2022.

This achievement was feasible, thanks to the hospital’s system providing the best healthcare service, e.g. the introduction of the most advanced surgical robot, together with the medical staff and the extensive experience that supports the system.

Queen’s Park Women’s Hospital, located in Haeundae of Busan, is the first domestic women’s hospital to introduce the use of a surgical robot. The hospital also established a center for robotic and laparoscopic surgery that has been performing specialized and systematic robotic surgeries. Additionally, the hospital is leading the culture of OBGYN surgery as it provides specialized treatment for hysteromyoma, endometriosis, adenomyosis uteri, hysteroptosis, ovarian cyst, and more.

Last year, to raise the level of robotic surgery, Professor Jong Woon Bae joined this hospital. Professor Bae has a wealth of clinical experience of more than 1,000 cases of robotic surgery from Kangbuk Samsung Hospital and Dong-A University Hospital. A gynecologic oncology/robotic surgery medical care center was also established, contributing to the achievement of 350 cases.

“Robotic surgery allows magnifying the operation view with a 3D stereoscopic image, a benefit not available in general laparoscopy. It also involves a robot arm that enables very detailed control, so it supports very precise surgery,” said Jin Seok Choi (OBGYN specialist), director of Queen’s Park Women’s Hospital. “We quickly introduced such an advanced device to the hospital and actively attracted competent medical professionals to provide the best treatment environment for our patients. Our efforts, together with education and clinical consulting provided by meerecompany, led to the successful achievement of 350 cases of robotic surgery.”

“It is meaningful in that Queen’s Park Women’s Hospital first achieved 350 cases of robotic surgery in gynecology among the hospitals that introduced Revo-i,” said Ho Keun Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Surgical Robot Division of meerecompany. “It will serve as the basis for further expanding robotic surgery with Revo-i in gynecology in the Busan-Ulsan-Kyungnam area in the future.”

Revo-i is the Korean first surgical robot. It supports high-resolution 3D images, a wide field of view, and detailed movements through multi-joint instruments, so the surgeon can operate very comfortably and patients can return to their normal daily life faster. This is why it is used in multiple areas, including OBGYN, surgery, urology and ENT.

Source: meerecompany

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