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Panasonic 4K-4MOS Camera Technology Enters Medical OEM Market


Following the initial success of the revolutionary 4K-4MOS camera technology with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Panasonic Industrial Medical Vision (IMV) has announced that the patented technology solution is now available in mass production for project business.

The much higher sensor performance of the 4K-4MOS camera delivers 4K resolution that is four times greater than Full HD for more detailed images during medical procedures and surgery. OEM manufacturers can integrate the camera into their solutions to provide medical professionals with microscopy or endoscopy devices with a whole new level of visual quality.

The 4K-4MOS camera solution can be used for surgical procedures in various medical areas such as the lymphatic system, monitoring blood circulation and for cancer cell detection. By utilising ICG/fluorescence fluid in the patient’s body, the camera can be used in surgical procedures to visualise images on a 4K monitor, such as areas affected by a tumor. The 4K 4MOS camera supports the physician with superimposed RGB and IR real-time images (60fps) in ultra-high resolution 4K quality and without any frame rate loss. Picture-in-picture (PiP) display is also an option.

“The rapid adoption of the solution by the medical OEM community has underlined the value the 4K-4MOS camera delivers to medical professionals undertaking some of the most challenging surgeries,” said Mon-Han Lin, Head of Panasonic IMV in Europe. “The 4K-4MOS solution is ideal for those delicate procedures, where the visualisation of details sometimes invisible to the naked eye can be crucial. As a result of these early project-based successes, we have now moved to mass production to meet rising demand.”

Surgical Robotics Technology

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