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Outset Medical Joins Coalition Focused on Shaping the Future of Home-Based Care

Home-Based Care

Outset Medical, has joined a coalition of innovative healthcare companies seeking to change the way policymakers think about home healthcare.

Outset Medical, a medical technology company pioneering a first-of-its-kind technology to reduce the cost and complexity of dialysis, has joined Moving Health Home, a coalition of innovative healthcare companies seeking to fundamentally change the way policymakers think about home healthcare. Founding members include Amazon Care, Amwell, Dispatch Health, Home Instead, Landmark Health and Signify Health, among others.

Established in March 2021, Moving Health Home brings together healthcare companies committed to changing federal and state policies to enable patients to receive clinical care from home. Home-based care affords a number of benefits to both patients and providers. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need for viable home healthcare options to reduce patient proximity and viral spread. Access to home-based care also enhances patients’ quality of life by giving them back countless hours they would have spent traveling to and from treatment facilities, as well as autonomy and control over their care.

“Through collaboration with forward-thinking leaders in the healthcare space, we aim to encourage policymakers to reimagine the home as a site of care for clinical treatment, such as for chronic disease management,” said Krista Drobac, Founder of Moving Health Home. “We are excited to welcome Outset Medical to the coalition, as their drive to empower patients to access home dialysis aligns really well with our goals.”

Outset Medical is focused on utilizing technology to bring change to the dialysis industry – one of the largest, most expensive, least-changed sectors of healthcare – in a way that improves outcomes and unlocks patient independence. Dialysis is a life-saving treatment that half a million Americans require multiple times a week, and that number is expected to grow significantly over the next 10 years. Current in-hospital and in-clinic systems are costly to operate, and patient outcomes and quality of life are poor. Outset Medical’s Tablo Hemodialysis System is an all-in-one dialysis machine that combines consumer product simplicity and wireless connectivity in a compact 35-inch unit. It can be used in the hospital or the home, giving patients the ability to reclaim their autonomy.

“When patients are diagnosed with kidney failure, they are led to believe they have few choices and little agency, and that they must adapt to the traditional care delivery system, not vice versa,” said Leslie Trigg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Outset Medical. “We believe that technology can enable new care delivery models that restore dignity and self-worth to patients living with kidney failure. We look forward to working with Moving Health Home to advance the home healthcare movement with local and federal policymakers and to improve the patient experience overall.”

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