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NuVasive Specialized Orthopedics Launches Precice Bone Transport


Globus Medical, Inc. has announced the commercial launch of NuVasive Specialized Orthopedics’ (NSO) Precice Bone Transport system in targeted regions. The latest addition to the less invasive NSO portfolio is now CE-marked and approved and available in select markets.

“The NSO difference is our deep commitment to making complex reconstruction simple and more reproducible,” said Pete Ligotti, leader of NSO. “The Precice Bone Transport system addresses a challenging procedure with innovation built for strength and stability, creating better patient satisfaction and a simplified surgeon experience.”

Designed for a vast range of bone defects, Precice Bone Transport is a less invasive solution offering reduced complexity for the patient and surgeon. The new system, created in partnership with global, leading limb reconstruction surgeons, has positively impacted more than 250 trauma and oncology patients.

“Multiple patients of mine have already benefitted from the all-internal, Precice Bone Transport system,” said Dr. Thomas Kern, orthopedic traumatologist, BG Klinik Murnau, Germany. “Being able to utilize the reliable Precice magnetic technology and treat more patients without the need for external fixation or amputation, is something I’m proud to be a part of.”

The Precice magnetic adjustable technology utilizes an external remote to non-invasively lengthen implants. This proven technology has been implanted by more than 2,000 surgeons 15,000 times in approximately 45 countries.

As part of Globus Medical, NSO is focused on the design and innovation of disruptive orthopedic solutions for complex orthopedic reconstruction and limb lengthening.

Source: Globus Medical, Inc.

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