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Nabtesco Announces New Production Plant for Precision Gears


Robotic gearbox manufacturer, Nabtesco, is investing in a third manufacturing site, which will double the company’s production capacity to two million precision gearboxes per year by 2026.

Cycloidal gears from Nabtesco have proven themselves millions of times over in high-tech applications worldwide and are long established as ideal components for use in robotics and automation. To meet the growing demand for the company’s high-performance precision gearboxes, Nabtesco is significantly expanding its manufacturing capacities with a new plant in Hamamatsu, a strong industrial location 250 km southwest of Nabtesco Corporation’s headquarters in Tokyo. The new plant will double Nabtesco’s production capacity to two million precision gearboxes per year by 2026.

Efficient and climate neutral production of precision gears

The new plant was planned in accordance with state-of-the-art technology and equally embodies efficiency and sustainability aspects. Intelligent production is assured by state-of-the-art logistics, and highly efficient production facilities, as well as automation, digitization and AI technologies. The operation is CO2 neutral. This is an important contribution to climate protection on the part of Nabtesco. The total area covers 46,900 m2. Construction will start in the fall of 2022. In the first construction phase the building will be completed by September 2023, followed by installation of the production systems; full production capacity will be achieved by 2026. The total investment is approximately 360 million euros (47 billion yen). 

Source: Nabtesco.

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