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Mona Lisa Robotic Prostate Puncture System Completes Enrollment of First Case for Clinical Trial


Shanghai Intbot Robotics Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Intbot), a joint venture of Shanghai MicroPort MedBot (Group) Co. Ltd. (MicroPort® MedBot) and Biobot Surgical Pte. Ltd. (Biobot Surgical), completed enrollment of the first case for their clinical trial of the Mona Lisa Robotic Prostate Puncture System (Mona Lisa). The enrolled case is the first robot-assisted prostate puncture biopsy in China, and was completed in Gulou Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Nanjing University (Nanjing Gulou Hospital).

The clinical trial is being led by Nanjing Gulou Hospital and supported by The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University and People’s Hospital of Northern Jiangsu Province. The Mona Lisa System is an innovative robotic product from MicroPort® MedBot in the field of percutaneous puncture. Prostate puncture biopsy is the ‘gold standard’ for prostate cancer diagnosis, but manual puncture is still commonly used in clinical practice. The test results and complication rates from manual puncture are closely related to doctors’ skills, and the detection rate of prostate cancer by manual puncture is low. In order to reduce omission, doctors usually must increase detection rate by adding more puncture points, increasing the risk of puncturing the urethra or rectum.

Director Guo Hongqian, Chief of Urology in Nanjing Gulou Hospital, commented on the procedure, “The Mona Lisa marks a new era in prostate puncture surgery. The advent of this new technology means a lower learning curve and increased efficiency for surgeons. It is even more meaningful for patients, as its intelligent system assists surgeons in planning procedures more precisely in advance, thus significantly improving the detection rate of prostate cancer and avoiding damage to the rectum and urethra.”

The Mona Lisa enables doctors to perform biopsy sampling with greater precision and ease. Preoperatively, doctors can use intelligent software to plan and interactively adjust procedures. Intraoperatively, powerful and flexible MRI-ultrasound fusion algorithms guide doctors in real time, allowing target sites to be easily and accurately sampled whether they are located in the apical, basal or peripheral zones of the prostate. The innovative two-point needling approach minimizes interference from the pubic arch, reduces incisions on patients, and achieves complete prostate coverage. Postoperatively, Mona Lisa system generates a complete report containing 3D images and clinical data.

Mr. Yu Liu, Chief Business Officer of MicroPort® MedBot stated, “We appreciate the support from the expert teams at the three hospitals, and expect to complete the clinical trial series as quickly as possible and to the highest quality. We will continue to cooperate with clinical experts in the field of robot surgery and aim to transform the field of percutaneous puncture operations.”

Dr. Chao He, President of MicroPort® MedBot commented, “It is through the continuous and collaborative efforts of the experts and the team at the clinical center, that we have successfully enrolled the first subject for the clinical trial of Mona Lisa prostate puncture positioning system. In the future, Shanghai Intbot will continue to strengthen its cooperation with experts, promote technological development, accomplish rapid product iteration and upgrade, and provide more doctors and patients with high-quality, accessible surgical solutions.”

Source: MicroPort.

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