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Microbot Medical Announces Successful Outcomes from Pivotal Pre-Clinical Study with LIBERTY® Robotic Surgical System


Microbot Medical Inc. announces the successful initial outcomes of using the LIBERTY Robotic Surgical System in its pivotal pre-clinical study.

The pivotal study was conducted by three leading interventional radiologists that utilized the LIBERTY Robotic Surgical System to reach a total of 48 animal targets. A total of 6 LIBERTY Systems were used in the study, each was used to reach a total of 8 targets. All 6 LIBERTY Systems performed flawlessly, with 100% usability and technical success. No acute adverse events or complications were visually observed intra-operative.

The company expects to receive the comprehensive final report later this quarter. Subject to the final report, and the completion of the verification and validation (V&V) process, the Company plans on submitting the Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) application to the FDA, in order to commence its pivotal clinical trial in humans.

“We are extremely pleased with the LIBERTY system performance during the pivotal pre-clinical study, both from the usability and technical outcomes as well as the lack of visual acute intraoperative complications. The system operated without any issues in all cases, achieving our initial objectives for the study,” said Simon Sharon, CTO & GM. “We are continuing to take all necessary steps towards submitting our IDE application to the FDA and commencing our pivotal clinical trial.”

Source: Microbot Medical Inc.

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