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Microbot Medical’s LIBERTY® Robotic System Surpasses 100th Catheterization


Microbot Medical Inc. announces that the LIBERTY Robotic System has surpassed its 100th catheterization during multiple pre-clinical studies, with a 95% success rate of reaching pre-determined vascular targets, such as distal branches of hepatic, gastric, splenic, mesenteric, renal, hypogastric arteries. Moreover, all of the procedures were completed without notable signs of intraoperative injury. The LIBERTY Robotic System performed safely, consistently and reliably, regardless of the operator.

Preponderance of data being generated from pre-clinical studies and feedback generates increased physician interest as the company advances towards commercialization objectives.

“The results of over 100 catheterizations represent an incredible accomplishment and further strengthen the LIBERTY Robotic System’s previous collected data,” commented Harel Gadot, Chairman, CEO and President. “The multiple studies have allowed us to demonstrate the system’s consistent performance and safety profile, reaching the pre-determined vascular target. We believe that the data and feedback we have amassed and will continue to collect during additional studies scheduled in the U.S., will facilitate and support our regulatory pathway with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including our plan to submit Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) in the coming months.”

The LIBERTY Robotic System aims to improve the way surgical robotics are being used in endovascular procedures today, by eliminating the need for large, cumbersome, and expensive capital equipment, while reducing radiation exposure and physician strain. The Company believes the LIBERTY Robotic System’s remote operation has the potential to be the first system to democratize endovascular interventional procedures.

Source: Microbot Medical

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